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Mont Tremblant

Over spring break although many people decided to go south to warm weather I went on a ski trip to the north. Myself and some hometown friends decided to go ski Mont Tremblant. Tremblant is not just a giant ski mountain it is also a large downtown at the base of the mountain and a casino. The mountain itself is the largest mountain any of us have ever skied. One tricky thing about going to tremblant is that it is in Quebec. That means the speaking language is french. They are also very serious about parking laws. Within 2 hours of being at the mountain we some how managed to get towed. So a tip is make sure you park at a safe spot. Luckily our Airbnb owner helped us out with the fine but it definitely was a step back.

As far as a trip in the sense of traveling, 7 hour car ride was pretty tough but expenses was low. For a weekend of skiing a very large mountain and having a place too stay for 3 nights and the costs of food and drinks I did not spend more then 300$.  The most challenging part is the ride. Surprisingly we had no trouble at either border too during  our travels.


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