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Traveling tips

This week I did not leave Plymouth States campus so to fight for inspiration on this traveling blog I decided to put in some tips that I have collected from one of my experiences studying abroad. I am not a weathered traveler but I did make a lot of mistakes and my tips are my corrections. A year ago I traveled by myself to Germany it was a great trip but traveling to a different country will definitely have its experiences if not prepared.

One tip is learn some simple words. Although I went to visit my friend who was able to translate for me, when I was in the airport I had no idea what any signs meant. Personally I already think airports are difficult to navigate. So that was very difficult not knowing what anything meant. I thought I could just google translate. But with no service that is a difficult task.

Another lesson I learned is Europeans dress a lot nicer then Americans. I felt very out of place wearing something like basketball shorts. I correction I would say is that I probably should of packed a lot more business casual.


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