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Traveling back to Massachusetts

This week I furthered my traveling back home to meet with my trainer in Clinton Massachusetts. Myself being a football player here for the school I consistently end up with injuries but for the most part the training staff here are available to help out. Just on this occasion they were not around due to having to work with the  in season sport. So I decided since I needed to get things from back home I would make a trip to meet with my trainer and stop home.


It was a total of 4 hours of traveling so I left after my last class at 1245. The injury I sustained was that I popped my rib out while I was lifting so I needed it to be put back into place. This has happened many times to me so it just reoccurs. My trainer works at achieve performance in Clinton and he is a life saver. After the 2 hour ride into Clinton he fixed me up and then I was  able to catch up with a bunch of the guys down there.

I departed from Massachusetts at 7 and made it back to Plymouth at 9. Overall very productive and I am happy I made it


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